Theta trance art


Theta Trance Art

Empowering self with health. Get into the flow of creativity.


Theta Trance Therapy is a technique that relaxes the mind and body while allowing flow to the creative parts of the brain, releasing and rejuvenating towards a natural state of wellbeing.

This 50 minute class is done in 2 parts


Part I: Theta Trance (15 min)

+ Introduction

+ Breathing exercises with mind, body awareness

+ Guided meditation

Part II: Flow Art (35 min)

+ Instructed Art class

+ Painting mandalas on rocks 


Needed materials

+ 1 or 2 rocks with a flat surface, medium or hand size (5-10 cm)

+ Acrylic paints- Black and 3 three complementing colors of your choice.

+ 2 Q-Tips

+ 1 pencil with a new eraser and dull tip


***please wash the rock and paint it completely black before the class***


Complimentary Live Online Art Session

Theta Trance Art is a ZOOM group session, come join and meet people from different parts of the world.

*This is a first-time session, and can only be booked once.


50 min | Complimentary


Live Online Art Session

*Family members- ages 17 and yonger are free.

50 minute | $20