Unveiling your cosmic blueprint, this service offers a deep dive into your astrology with a professional's guidance. Consider your birth chart, a celestial map marking the exact moment you entered the world. This unique snapshot holds insights into your personality and the potential path ahead. By employing various forecasting methods based on your birth chart, the analysis goes beyond just "what's your sign?" Instead, it sheds light on your current life stage, offering valuable perspective during crucial moments. Feeling lost at a crossroads? An astrological consultation can empower you by illuminating your strengths and guiding you towards a future filled with confidence and purpose.



Unveiling Your Cosmic Blueprint: Personalized Astrology Readings
Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery through a personalized astrology reading. This unique experience delves into your birth chart, a celestial map revealing your inherent strengths, potential challenges, and life's path.

Our in-depth session will illuminate your unique qualities and equip you with valuable insights to navigate life's triumphs and tribulations. Together, we'll explore how your birth chart acts as a roadmap, guiding you towards fulfilling your calling and unlocking your full potential.

Ready to explore your astrological blueprint?

I offer personalized readings tailored to various aspects of your life. Feel free to discuss any areas you seek deeper understanding in, and specific topics you'd like me to focus on during the chart preparation.

New to astrology?

For a comprehensive exploration, the 90-minute session is recommended. This allows ample time to delve into your chart and address any questions you may have.

Your time. Your journey.

This is an opportunity to discuss anything that weighs on your mind. Feel free to share any key subjects you'd like me to prioritize during your chart preparation. For first-time consultations, the 90-minute session is highly recommended.

50 min | $150

90 min | $245





Seeking guidance about your future? Astrology services can offer insights into the next 6-12 months of your life. Through methods like transits, progressions, and aspect orbs, they analyze the influence of celestial movements on your personal journey. This can provide clarity on various aspects of your life, including your sense of self, career path, relationships, and overall well-being.

Ready to delve into your astrological potential?
I offer personalized readings to shed light on various aspects of your life. Discuss any areas you'd like a deeper understanding of, and feel free to mention specific topics you'd like me to focus on during the chart preparation.

New clients are recommended to start with the comprehensive 90-minute session for a thorough exploration.

50 min | $150

90 min | $245




Ever wonder what the stars say about your love life?

In this synastry reading, we'll delve into the astrological blueprint of your relationship. By comparing your birth chart and your partner's, we'll gain valuable insights into:

Your strengths as a couple: Discover the areas where you naturally complement each other and create a foundation of harmony.
Potential challenges: Explore areas that might require understanding and compromise to navigate smoothly.
Individual needs and desires: Gain a deeper understanding of your own and your partner's emotional landscape in relationships.
This reading can be a fun and illuminating virtual date for couples, or it can be a solo exploration for individuals seeking deeper self-awareness within their relationship.

Together, we can shed light on your relationship's unique story and empower you to co-create a more fulfilling connection (or help you decide if it's the right path).

New clients are recommended to start with the comprehensive 90-minute session for a thorough exploration.

50 min | $150

90 min | $245