Our mission is to extend the branch of wellbeing, support and transformation. Welcoming a journey of wellness in all areas of life.


Experience the Benefits of Wellness Coaching


Below are some of the many ways that our certified Health Coach can support you on your wellness journey:

+ Thorough health history intake

+ Personalized support, guidance and accountability

+ Goal setting and strategizing

+ Stress management

+ Sleep support

+ Dietary support that fits your unique needs and lifestyle


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Well-Being Services & Workshops

Explore our range of healing topics and meditative techniques to bring balance back to your life


Theta Trance Art classes

Release, relax and revitalize the mind and body as we explore new ways to recognize our inner creative flow. 2 part online class -15 min guided meditation followed by a 35 min Art class.

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Support Circle

With purpose, you can engage with these hosted real talks, allowing exploration of meaningful issues to you, discussion of new ideas and practices that clarify your direction and bring more joy into your life.

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Healing Hypnosis

This relaxing and gentle approach is commonly known in todays self healing work. It's a powerful tool that allows for choice, generates new behaviors and communicates directly with the unconscious mind. 

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Start Your Well-Being Reset

Explore our range of healing topics and meditative techniques to bring balance back to your life



Our gift to you, enjoy your free audio meditation downloads. Deepening relaxation, releasing stress and increase wellbeing.

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The body's intelligence knows best when it comes to healing. Explore techniques and mindfulness that support the body to do what it does best.

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